Picking your cat’s name

Cat's Name

What are the tips to follow while picking your cat’s name?


In order to name your precious cat you might be going through list after list of popular cat names. As these lists can be a long one, it is natural that you might get confused and you name your cat something which do not suit your cat. Your cat is everything to you and that’s why he or she deserves a beautiful and suiting name. So, just like naming your baby you should take proper steps to pick the right name for your cat. By taking into consideration the following tips you can easily select the perfect name for your cat.

Do not rush it

When selecting the name of your cat you should be patient and keep on searching until you find the suitable name. A cat takes a longer time than a dog to understand that he or she is suppose to respond to the sound of his or her name. So, do not be in a rush to name your cat. The extra few days or weeks you will take will definitely help you to select the right name.

Think of the future

Though today “Little Princess” might suit your female kitten but after a few years it will seem odd to call a fully grown cat by this name. So, always think a few years ahead before naming your kitten. There are many girl cat names and boy cat names which suit both a kitten and an adult cat and it is advisable that you select from those names.

Research exotic names

If you are a proud owner of Persian cat or a Napoleon Munchkin and you want to give a beautiful sounding foreign name then it will be best that you research about the correct meaning and also the origin of the particular name. Doing this will be beneficial and it will save you and your cat from any sort of embarrassment in the future. There are many website which gives you many female cat names and boy cat names and also there meaning and you should take the help of these websites to select a right name for your kitten.

Online and Offline Help

Like stated before, there are many online website, where different female and male cat names are published and you can do the proper searching and researching to find the best name for your cat. There are website made just for certain type of fur color or eye color and you can take the help of these websites to get a customized list. Besides websites, there are many books published every month containing list of popular cat names and you can buy these books too.

It is true that the list of most popular cat names are long and you might get confused but keeping these tips in mind will definitely help you out to select the right name for your beloved cat. So, get you pen and writing pad out and follow these tips to shortlist a bunch of names for your cat and then only after thorough research give name to your cat.